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iPyramid.bizlogic Professional is being waiting for 3.0 version release.
June 15, 2012  

This version 1.2.8 is maintenance release. There are few changes for usability and easier customization done.
February 5, 2010  

iPyramid.Bizlogic business automation system got new update to version 1.2.7. In this version some new features added as well as some bugs fixed
January 18, 2010  

iPyramid.bizlogic business automation system brings many improvements in version 1.2.6
November 5, 2009  

New 1.2.1 version of iPyramid.bizlogic business automation system is available as an update for current users. In new version 1.2.1 there are few improvements done for system stability and security
June 1, 2009  

We in Verticus continuously work a lot to bring You best solutions on the market for suitable price. That is why we announce new iPyramid.bizlogic version 1.2
April 14, 2009  

In this new iPyramid.bizlogic version we have fixed several bugs which were detected after release of 1.1.3 version
December 12, 2008  

Verticus, UAB releases updated iPyramid.bizlogic version 1.1.3. In this version all known bugs were fixed and several improvements were added
November 10, 2008  

Verticus, UAB introduced the new iPyramid.bizlogic version 1.1.2. In this version lots of bugs were fixed and some useful improvements were done.
October 7, 2008  

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